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Breast reduction in a very large breasted female in Colorado Springs.

Procedure Details

This patient had significant back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, infections under her breast, numbness and tingling of her hands, with headaches all due her excessively large breasts. Despite Chiropractic therapy and physical therapy for 3 months each, she continued to have pain issues. She finally decided it was time to have her breast reduction surgery with Dr. Krishna Dash, plastic surgeon in Colorado Springs. The patient indicated that she wore a DDD bra size however, even that size did not fit her properly or give her adequate support. After her breast reduction she can wear bras that fit her much better with a significant improvement in her symptoms. The amount of breast tissue removed was 1873 grams from the right and 1326 grams from the left which equates to about 7 pounds total. This is a larger than average reduction in weight. Needless to say she is extremely happy with her choice to do a breast reduction with Dr. Krishna Dash at the Institute of Plastic Surgery in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dr. Dash says that breast reduction surgery is one of her favorite procedures to perform as the patients have a greater than 98% satisfaction rate. She will perform a detailed history and physical during your consultation to assess your situation and provide a detailed description of how the surgery is performed, the recovery process and answer all your questions.


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