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Hispanic / Ethnic Rhinoplasty creating an Amazing Rhinoplasty Result

Procedure Details

This is a hispanic patient that complained of a small hump on her profile view and that her nose looked too long with too much fullness at the tip. Careful analysis by Dr. Rupesh Jain, Plastic Surgeon in Colorado Springs, revealed that not only did she have a small hump, a slightly large nose and tip, she also had a lack of projection in the upper nasal bridge area. He determined that the optimal result would only be achieved with a rhinoplasty and placement of a silicone implant in that area to balance out the profile of the nose. This patient underwent an open rhinoplasty with removal of the hump, placement of the silicone implant, refinement of the tip with cartilage shaving and placement of sutures. There was also a subtle but important rotation of the tip of the nose upward to make the nose look shorter. This helped create a more feminine appearance to the nose. Prior to surgery the angle between the nose and upper lip was too acute giving it a long, "hook-nose" like appearance. The rotation of the tip created a more balanced and delicate appearance. The patient is extremely happy with the result achieved by Dr. Rupesh Jain's rhinoplasty in Colorado Springs.


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