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Face Lift - Colorado Springs Institute of Plastic Surgery

A facelift (rhytidectomy) involves removal of the excess skin of the face and neck region. The underlying muscle are tightened to further improve the youthful result that is desired. Schedule a consultation at the Colorado Springs Institute of Plastic Surgery to learn more!

Video Transcript

A facelift is a procedure to help elevate and tighten the sagging skin of the face that develops over time secondary to gravity, aging, sun exposure. It really helps tighten the skin of the mid and lower face, as well as the neck area.

Candidates for this procedure are individuals who find that they've lost elasticity of their skin. They now have excess loose skin of both the mid and lower face, as well as the neck region.

When dealing with an individual who has aging skin of the face and loss of elasticity, the lower face and neck is usually not the only area that is involved. Oftentimes we find patients have drooping of their eyebrows, excess skin of the upper and lower eyelids, and oftentimes we find ourselves doing other procedures in conjunction with the facelift. It's very common to often do eyelid surgery or browlift surgery at the same time as a facelift, and it can easily be done safely.

Typically, patients who undergo facelift procedures find that it is not a very painful procedure. I will see the patients usually one day after surgery to ensure that they're doing well. They find that the recovery is not as difficult as they might think, despite the fact the procedure is a fairly extensive and long procedure. Nevertheless, they recover fairly well. What they might find is a little swelling and bruising of the lower face and neck region which usually resolves within one or two weeks.

People find themselves feeling more youthful, looking more youthful, feeling more confident, and really looking like they feel internally. Oftentimes my patients say that they look older than they feel. After doing a facelift, they feel that they're more in tuned or more in harmony with how they really feel internally. Now they look as young as they feel.

The next step, if you're interested in facelift, would be to call our office or email us to set up a free consultation.