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Laser Treatments - Colorado Springs Institute of Plastic Surgery

Colorado Springs Institute of Plastic Surgery offers a variety of laser treatments with the power to improve the aesthetic of many areas of the body. Schedule a consultation at the Colorado Springs Institute of Plastic Surgery to learn more!

Video Transcript

We use lasers for various different problems. We can treat brown spots, red spots or red discoloration. We can also treat the small capillary vessels around the face, around the nose, as well as different parts of the body, particularly the legs. Another aspect of the laser which is particularly useful is in patients who have wrinkles, acne scars or blemishes on the face.

There are also indications to use a laser for active acne as well the scars from the acne and for hair removal. The main advantage of the laser over other modalities that treat similar problems is the fact that we have a great deal of precision and control over how we treat these problems, which equates to greater safety and efficacy.

One of the procedures we're able to do with our laser is micro-laser peel. The micro-laser peel function is to help soften, smoothen, and clean up the skin texture and surface with minimal down time. Individuals who choose to undergo micro-laser peel treatments are usually 25 to 45 years old who don't have significant wrinkling or scarring at this stage.

It is quite helpful to help refreshen the skin and smoothen the texture and keep it looking youthful and young. The procedure itself is done in our office, usually takes between 15 and 20 minutes, and the patients are able to essentially drive themselves home afterwards. The results are that people feel their skin is cleaner, softer, and more youthful looking. It is a procedure that is not extremely aggressive and as a result I tell my patients that they really should consider doing this on a regular basis to maintain that youthful appearance.

There's a wide variety of procedures we can offer with this laser. If you're interested in the laser please call our office and we would be happy to schedule a consultation to assess your needs.