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Upper Body Lift - Colorado Springs Institute of Plastic Surgery

Body lifting procedures, including an Upper Body Lift, can produce profound improvements in one's body shape and are commonly performed following a substantial weight loss. Schedule a consultation at the Colorado Springs Institute of Plastic Surgery to learn more!

Video Transcript

Upper body contouring, or upper body lift, is a constellation of different procedures that can be done to help tighten loose, excessive skin, particularly after someone's lost a significant amount of weight, either through diet and exercise or after a gastric bypass procedure.

In general, upper body contouring procedures are performed by tightening the skin and removing excess skin. Probably the most common of which is upper arm lift procedure, or upper arm tightening procedure, where we're removing excess skin. Occasionally we will also be doing some liposuction to remove excess fat in conjunction with removing excess skin.

After surgery, they will see us, and they will only see us. The reason why we do that is simply because, we feel we want our patients to have the safest recovery possible. This way, both myself and Dr. Dash make it a point to see all our patients after surgery, each and every visit.

The things patients need to consider in choosing or deciding whether they want to have upper body contouring, the most common of which is arm lift procedure, is to decide if they are troubled or bothered by the excess skin or fat that they have in those areas. If they are, then certainly we can potentially have them come in, at least schedule a consultation, and we can give them an idea of whether this procedure will benefit them or not.

If you're interested in pursuing this procedure, you can either call our office, or email us through out website, and get more information and schedule a consultation to see either myself or Dr. Dash.