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Circumferential Body Lift after Massive Weight Loss in Colorado Springs

Procedure Details

This patient in her early 70s that lost about 110 pounds after gastric sleeve surgery. She is now left with a significant amount of loose, excess skin of the abdomen. Patients that loose a significant amount of weight will not only have problems with excess sagging skin of the abdomen but also the thighs and buttock area. A regular tummy tuck would be inappropriate to adequately address all these concerns. The patient underwent a Circumferential Body Lift (aka, Lower Body Lift) that removed all the excess skin of the abdomen but also lifted and tightened the skin of the outer thighs and buttock areas. Her results are phenomenal considering the severity of excess skin she had. Circumferential Body Lift is a specialized procedure that is not all plastic surgeons feel comfortable performing. The surgeons at the Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Rupesh Jain and Dr. Krishna Dash, are skilled and excited to perform Circumferential Body Lift in Colorado Springs, CO.


Institute of Plastic Surgery

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