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Mommy Makeover - Colorado Springs Institute of Plastic Surgery

The ideal person for a mommy makeover is one that has completed the childbearing years and is ready to try to restore their pre-pregnancy figure and contours. Schedule a consultation at the Colorado Springs Institute of Plastic Surgery to learn more!

Video Transcript

A mommy makeover is a term that is used to describe some of the changes that women experience after pregnancy. Those primarily pertain to changes in the breasts and changes in the abdomen. After pregnancy, the breasts sometimes go back to smaller than pre-pregnancy volume. There's a loss of upper pole fullness and an excess of skin. Those problems can be corrected with a mastopexy or a mastopexy with an augmentation. That depends on the amount of skin excess, as well as what the patient would like to accomplish. In terms of the abdomen, the changes usually relate to excess skin and sometimes a small amount of excess fat, and a separation in the rectus abdominal muscles. Those are corrected with abdominoplasty and possibly with liposuction of the love handle areas.

I find the mommy makeover to be a very gratifying surgery for patients. They get an immediate improvement in the contour and shape of their breasts and an immediate improvement in the contour of the abdomen. They often tell me that they can fit into smaller clothing and that they fill out the upper part of their clothing that they hadn't been able to since they had children. Recovering from a mommy makeover includes essentially the same recovery as an abdominoplasty, which means that patients have a lifting restriction of nothing heavier than 10 pounds for a total of six weeks. They're in a compression garment for six weeks. They have temporary drainage tubes that are removed about five to seven days after surgery. Most patients can return to work after two weeks, and most patients are off narcotics by two to three weeks. If a patient is interested in mommy makeover, they can contact the Institute of Plastic Surgery and have a free consultation with myself or with Dr. Jain.