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Patient Testimonial (Mommy Makeover) - Colorado Springs Institute of Plastic Surgery

A happy patient shares her experience with Dr. Krishna Dash, Dr. Rupesh Jain and the staff at Colorado Springs Institute of Plastic Surgery following her Mommy Makeover procedure.

Video Transcript

I came in for the Mommy Makeover, a tummy tuck and breast lift, and Doctor Dash performed my procedure.

I chose this practice after doing a lot of research and went to a couple different consultations and, after my consultation here, felt very comfortable. Doctor Dash answered all of my questions and came across as a very real and average person that I could relate to. And so I decided to have my procedure done here.

I'm ecstatic with the results, and it exceeded my expectations. I googled a lot, and you can google too much. So I was seeing before and after pictures, and you never really know what it's going to be. And you wondered if, because of whatever reason, something may not be in alignment or anything. And it's as perfect as I think you can get it, and I'm pretty excited about it.

The staff here is wonderful. They remember your name when you come in. They always have a smile and, again, they're very normal and average and just someone you would hang out with, not someone you would see at your plastic surgeon's office.

On a scale of one to ten, ten being the best, I would rate it a ten. The procedure, the healing process, they explained all of it to me, so there weren't any surprises that I wasn't expecting. So it was a very positive experience. I absolutely would recommend this plastic surgery facility and Doctor Dash to anyone, and I already have.