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Breast Reductions: Extremely Rewarding

Many people are surprised to find out how common breast reduction surgeries are in Colorado Springs and nationwide. It may easily be one of the more immediately rewarding plastic surgery procedures we do here in Colorado Springs. In the Colorado Springs area where we practice, many women suffer from physical and emotional pain caused by disproportionately large breasts. Non-surgical treatments rarely provide more than temporary relief, if even that. We get many requests for breast reduction because large, heavy breasts can easily cause problems in more than one area of the body. Just having large breasts alone can contribute to obesity, depression and many other health problems by reducing a woman's exercise capacity and limiting their activity due to chronic pain.

Other issues besides chronic pain in the neck, back and shoulders include frequent headache, poor posture, permanent grooving in the shoulders from bra straps, numbness and tingling of the hands, sleeping problems, rashes under and between the breast, and like we mentioned earlier, low exercise tolerance and/or interference with exercise due to large breasts. Often time the milder symptoms are relieved by anti-inflammatory medications, heat packs, massage, chiropractic, physical therapy. Many of the women who come to our plastic surgery office in Colorado Springs, however, have more severe and persistent symptoms, and non-surgical treatments have not provided permanent relief. 

Supportive bras and weight loss are definitely beneficial and desirable for numerous health reasons, but weight loss alone is not always effective enough to relieve symptoms related to heavy breasts. The main problem is not necessarily the mass of the breast but the gravity that acts upon them. Large breasts gradually become elongated and heavier due to the effects of gravity. Also, breast skin is heavy and it contributes significantly to total breast weight. Any increase in breast skin volume is permanent and won’t decrease significantly even with weight loss. The only way to do so is with a breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery is a highly effective treatment for women with large breasts because it deals directly with the cause of the symptoms.

Our clients in Colorado Springs who've had breast reduction surgery report improved physical functioning, significant pain relief, improved skeletal stability, improved lung function, improved quality of sleep, reduced headaches, and improved breast visualization on mammography. And patient satisfaction rates after breast reduction are extremely high as relief is almost immediately after surgery. If you live in the Colorado Springs area and are interested in learning more about breast reduction surgery, contact our office today!

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