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Mommy Makeovers in Colorado Springs

We love making mommies happy. Seeing the joy on a mother’s face after her mommy makeover is one of the best rewards we have as plastic surgeons. Mothers sacrifice so much to have children. Not only their bodies but time, sleep, sanity, sleep, and more sleep. All these things take such a toll on mothers that we love helping out in any way we can and giving a woman a mommy makeover is rejuvenating to say the least.

One of the most common complaints we hear from our Colorado Springs clients interested in the mommy makeover procedure are their saggy, deflated breasts and the “pooch” on the stomach that never seems to go away, regardless of diet or exercise. The reason this area is so stubborn is because when baby is in the womb, mom’s abdominal muscles are stretched as the abdomen expands to make room. Most of the time no amount of dieting or exercise will be able to reduce that “pooch” completely. However, with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) we can easily erase all noticeable memory of that annoying “pooch.”

Liposuction to remove stubborn, deep pockets of fat and a breast lift is also often included in a mommy makeover. The procedure is really a combination of changes so we encourage all our Colorado Springs plastic surgery patients to sit down with us to discuss all their post-baby wishes. Some other helpful advice we give to those who are considering a mommy makeover include:

• Get as close to your desired target weight as possible before surgery

• Exercising at least 30 minutes per day: a minimum of 15 minutes of interval training and 15 minutes of resistance training, alternating different body parts, on different days of the week will ensure optimal healing and results

• Practice good nutrition

• Keep alcohol drinks to a minimum (less than 2-3 drinks per week)

• Avoid tobacco smoking

• Recruit friends and family and create a no-fail support system for the full recovery period

If you live in the Colorado Springs area and are interested in reversing some of the effects of childbirth, contact our office today and schedule a consultation. Our experienced and caring staff will be happy to go over all your hopes, desires, and expectations. We will be there with you every step of the way no matter what procedure you choose.

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