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Patient Testimonial (Breast Augmentation) - Colorado Springs Institute of Plastic Surgery

A happy patient shares her experience with Dr. Krishna Dash, Dr. Rupesh Jain and the staff at Colorado Springs Institute of Plastic Surgery following her breast augmentation procedure.

Video Transcript

I came in for a breast augmentation. Dr. Dash was my primary surgeon and Dr. Jain assisted on the surgery as well. I would say my results made a difference in my life in the way that I focus more on taking care of myself better. I had met the doctors about seven or eight years ago, so I had developed a rapport with them and felt very comfortable in any conversations that I had with them about any type of procedure that I could have possibly wanted at the time. The doctors were always very upfront as to what could be done as far as my procedure was concerned. If I had questions of other procedures, they would inform me of that, but they never tried to push other procedures on me that I was not interested in.

I am very pleased with my experience here and with both of the doctors and the staff. Everything was probably more than I could have expected. I would definitely recommend the office to friends, family, or anybody that just seems to ask. I'm very confident in their work, for sure.