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What do Gummy Bears and Breast Implants have in common?

In Colorado Springs and across the nation, breast augmentation surgery with breast implants remains the number one cosmetic surgical procedure. We see clients all over the Colorado Springs area for breast augmentation and until recently their only options have been traditional silicone and saline devices. Now breast augmentation can be performed with breast implants that have the consistency similar to gummy bears. Technically, they are known as Form Stable Breast Implants. These gummy breast implants mimic the natural shape of the breast by being thicker at the bottom and tapered towards the top. In order to maintain this shape, the silicone gel in the implant is firmer than that which is typically found in a round implant. The consistency of the gel inside the implant is thicker than other types of breast implants and maintains its shape even when the implant is cut in half, hence the similarity to gummy bears. Gummy bear implants are getting a lot of press and publicity because of their association with the commonly known candy but as with anything, these gummy breast implants have advantages and disadvantages. 

As with all our Colorado Springs plastic surgery clients, before choosing a specific breast implant, we will discuss the potential risks and benefits because form stable (a.k.a. gummy bear) implants is not always the best option for everyone. Benefits of the form stable breast implants include:  they are made of a stiffer gel; have less wrinkling than other types of breast implants and provide additional firmness. Also, because they are textured, there is decreased risk of developing a capsular contracture around the implant after the breast implants are inserted during breast augmentation surgery. Some disadvantages include rare but potential rotation of the implant in which case the thicker part of the implant can distort the breast's shape. Another disadvantage that comes with the thicker gel is a slightly longer incision to insert them is usually necessary. Common risks that all breast implants carry are also present with these gummy bear breast implants and they include rare cases of infection, bleeding and implant rupture. Form stable implants give another choice to women in Colorado Springs desiring a breast enhancement with breast implants.

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