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Why Choose Breast Augmentation?

Women come to our Colorado Springs plastic surgery office interested in breast augmentation for a variety of reasons. Younger women tend to seek breast augmentation because one breast did not develop as fully as the other, making it difficult to wear clothing without a visibly noticeable difference. Many adolescents or young women entering into adulthood come in for that reason. Most women choose to undergo breast augmentation because they want to increase their bust size in general. Because the breasts do not fully complete development typically before age twenty, we see a lot of women in our Colorado Spring office once they’ve given their natural breast the opportunity to fully develop.  Older women, often in their 30s and above, typically want breast implants after having children and not being happy with the effects pregnancy has had on their bodies.

After asking about what breast augmentation can do for them, the next common question we get from clients in Colorado Springs is in regards to what happens during surgery.  For breast augmentation, the woman is placed under general anesthesia, meaning you'll be completely asleep during the procedure. Each plastic surgeon may have his or her little difference in technique for surgery.  For example, some surgeons like to use a type of technique during breast augmentation that involves cutting near a woman's armpit and placing the implant through a small cut. Another type of technique involves cutting near the nipple. And still some surgeons may choose to cut in the fold underneath the breast to place the implant during their breast augmentation.

Types of breast implants also vary depending on what the client is looking for.  Choices of breast implants include silicone gel and saline. A lot of discussion takes place during the consultation in order to find the right breast implant for each individual breast augmentation candidate, since variables are numerous and it depends on what each woman is looking for.

Pain after breast augmentation surgery varies as well. Most women who have come to us for breast augmentation in Colorado Springs report that the pain after surgery is similar to the pain felt when their breasts were engorged while lactating.  Overall, the pain should not be unbearable but pain medication is often available to help when needed. Soreness around the incision sites and most of the chest wall is typical and can last for several weeks, but we give our clients thorough advice and tips on how to make the recovery period as comfortable as possible.

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